What’s Love

Ezec writes and directs this interdisciplinary show that will be released this autumn 2018.

Four contemporary characters, talk to us about Love. They explore the sentiment from all different angles.  Various kinds of love, universal love, very little ‘in love’ kind of love, love in response to the madness of mankind and a world orbiting around it, barely touching it.

A dancer, a tightrope artist, a juggler and an actor expressing, living the experience of love itself, abundantly, simply.

This 75 minute show is adapted for performances in equipped venues, there is also a 30 minute version that can be performed 1 to 3 times a day in non equipped venues.

The minimum dimensions are : 8m in diameter on the floor and 5m clearance overhead.

Crédits photos :

Sources d’inspirations :

- La CNV par Marshall Rosenberg : https://youtu.be/HG_jgpB5gTc

- 7 billion other par Yan Arthus Bertrand : http://www.7billionothers.org/fr/thematic_voices/amour