Un bilboquet

Ezec Le Floc’h is an extraordinarily talented performer and possesses a warm, vibrant and mischievous stage presence. The audience is immediately transported to his world of playfulness and fantasy, where they can admire the artist's progress through different levels of performance and expertise, ending with the grand finale of the bilboquet being set on fire.


An exceptionally talented artist whose presence is full of malice and generosity, he plays with the bilboquet always exploring it's infinite possibilities with a creativity that flirts with the surreal and the absurd.

This first show by ’Ezec Le Floc’h was created in 1996. Ever since it has taken a different shape and form, and today it has evolved into a 45 minute version aimed at audiences of all ages and capable of being performed in almost every environment possible. Whether it be on a stage of a theater, with the lighting created by Catherine Noden, or in an outdoor festival, the audience is delighted to discover this character juggling with his bilboquets


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