The first performance after a month’s residency took place on 17 November. A wonderful first exchange with a large audience. A sold out show with 300 spectators. We are still looking for sponsors to finalize the show before May 2019. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to host us in Creative residency.

Director Ezec Le Floc'h explores "love" in all of its forms, juggling with the complexity of feelings. This word, so evocative yet full of emptiness, wasted, damaged, more often than not loses its original meaning.

Various types of love, universal love, a little love, in love.  Love(s) in response to the madness of mankind and the world that we live in.

A dancer, an equilibrist, a juggler and an actor show and tell us about Love(s). They explore this feeling of simply loving. Each of their reactions are guided by this simple and universal emotion.

Moments of grace, of sharing. The audience receives a declaration of love, a bride who prefers to stand on her hands, a bullet slips between two sensual bodies, two become four…It's a series of extraordinary and moving scenes.... amusing even...sometimes.

Contemporary circus show with juggler, equilibrist, actor and dancer.

Duration: 1h15 indoor version-30 minutes outside or non-equipped venue (Possibility of 1 to 3 performances per day)

Young public version 30-45 mins from 5 years old and upwards.