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Welcome to the Cie Ezec Le Floch’s Patrons and Partners Club

On this page,  you can set your one-time donation or even make it a recurrent one (monthly). Through your donations, you allow us to function and focus our attention on our plays and shows by being on stage rather than behind a desk ;)

The Ezec Le Floch’s company have done 1200 shows and :

    - more than 300 000 spectators in more than 40 countries all over the world;

    - 185 private and professionnal patrons have been supporting the company in 2018;

    - 15 441€  collected in 2018 for our new original show "Amour(s)" and the daily artistic operations;

We will be glad to welcome you in this artistic Adventure by becoming a Patron yourself. You can set a one-time or monthly donation to support one of our play or the global functioning of the company. You can choose any of those settings by clicking on the « Faire un don » button below  :

If you don’t want to use PayPal, please mail us directly your donation by cheque (order : Adh-Ethic) to the following adress : 7bis rue Neuve 641000 Bayonne, France or by transfer using this IBAN.

Why become a patron?

"Until now, like many performing arts organizations and performers, I have always run my Company with equity and public funding.

Today, the state budgets dedicated to culture and especially live shows are crumbling. Dozens of festivals disappear every year, cultural services, theaters, associations, French institutes abroad have less and less money to make us work.

I, therefore, decided to take the turn that is required despite us, soliciting private and professional patrons as have long been the visual artists, athletes, youtubeurs ...

We use private donations to allow us to invent and play shows focusing on quality, emotions, elegance, creativity rather than profitability. Because culture, like education, can not and must not become "profitable" otherwise it will widen a vertiginous gap between social strata, causing frustrations, misunderstandings and violence.

In the meantime, politically better days we continue to create shows that talk about Love (s) and sharing. Thanks to you, we will continue to tickle the sensitivity of our congeners.

Sunny day, I'm going to work with Jérémy on his text in the show Amour (s) ...

Ezec Le Floc'h »

Management of the Cie Ezec Le Floc’h’s Patrons and Partners Club :

You will receive regularly our newsletter (at most once a month) informing you of our next tours and therefore when you will be able to see the plays you are supporting. You will be able to meet the artists after the show, simply by mentioning that you are a Patron.  Depending on the size of your donation, your logo could be printed on our posters and displayed on this website.

List of our 185 Patrons for the show « Amour(s) » and the Company in general :

Loumi Le Floc’h, Emmanuelle Dauboin, Martine Lemarchand -Laberny, Minna Giebels, Angélique Arambel, Bastien Dugas, Daniel Sourgen, Maïté Bernard, Jean-Pierre Legout, Sadia Belhadj, Aurore Godfroy, Celine Behocaray, Rocanosse, Alina Baicu Fournel, Olga Ternova-Nissefort, Jean-Marie Baizet, Katia Belhadj, Odile Cornudet, Pauline Raven’s, Christophe Pavia, Claire Goubert, Isa Munoz, Flora Deschamps, Mapy et Dan Larquier, Severine Thevenet, Christian Jannot, Josiane Dauboin, Lucile Bretesché, Manuela Estel, Jean Marie Peloffy, Siegrid Dumas, Sylvie Saint Amon, Carole Pledran, Vincent Maumené et Alek’s Alez, Thomas Guérineau, Marie Beaumont, Mike Angels, Flora Laco, Pierre Bismuth, Sylvain Legardeur, Guénola Ricard, Alice Sorin, Thierry Buisson, Delphine Bretesche, Didier Deblonde, Margot Remy-Verdier, Maylis Arrabit, Véronique Bernard, Yann Szpak, Anne Dalle, Yamina Mahmoudi, Guillaume Bertrand, Paul-Marie Plaideau, Aurèlien Malphettes, Jane Cockell, Juliette Auxiètre, Katy Boué, Andrea Carricaburu, Baptiste Daleman, Didier Antoine, Vincent Louys, Jean-Claude Falet, Léa Hostachy, Celine Dublanc, Marie Darzacq, Valérie Sallaberry, Jack et Louise Dupas, Muriel Cesar, Valérie Sallaberry, Annelise Saïdi Bostelmann, Anouk Deconinck, Benjamin - La Coquinière, Happy Care, Véronique Thor, Anais Hervé, Penny Dubois Tick, Severine Caillaux, Alain Juste-Cazenave, Bernadette Vaury, Bernard Saderne, Willo-Kubata, Monique et Jean-Louis Garnier, Anne-Marie Vogli, Francine Bernard Aguerre, Serge Huercio, Stéphane Roy, Timothée Belime, Stéphanie Loustau, Audrey Gauduchon, Théâtre sans Nom, Isabelle Pottier, Veronique Duhart, Anne Garcion, Céline Fabisch, Pieter Giebels, Virginie Michel, Thibault Hua, Joana Jojo Olasagasti, Gérard Bagardie, Romain C A Lecomte, Amelie Grappe, Tropical Hamac, Rachel Daugreilh, Mélissa Cavé, Emilie Queney, Jane Terhoff, Jeanne Géhan, Olivia Maucorps, Christelle Herrscher, Berengere Houbron-Laŕre, Camille Mortreux, Catherine Noden, Bruno Cellan, Pamela et Michel DanseFeeling, Eleonore Bruel, Nicolas Halleux, Mimi Bel, Rachel Exposito, Christelle Dubois, Stéphanie Galy, Wilco Westerduin, Philippe Cibille, Irene Ayez, Stéphanie Balligand, Mathias Piquet-gauthier, Priam Pierret, Anne Marie Subias, Michel et Dany Dauboin, Yann Renaud, Claire Rozier, Marlène Croisé, Nicky Saunier, Nadine Marouz, Nicolas Cavey, Gilles Garnier, Agnes Pagnet, Micheline Ferbos, Jacques Dublanc, Véronique Cléon, Hélène Jolly, Thibault Tranchard, Irène Hausammann, Claire Lelièvre, Mathieu Gourdin, Manu Ghetto, Pascale Mona, Alain et Fabienne Bretesché, Sarah Grelier, Marion Lastiri, Henri Errandonea, Hélène Morreel, Carine Dubois, Guapo, Julie Porta, Goli Hashemi, Micheline Ferbos, Amélie Triou, Aimée Janecek, JD et Juliette Hog, Auguste Ithurb, Marta Anua, Oyann, Charlotte Buclet, Philippe Lesparre, Jean-Pierre Hache, Jean Marie et Christiane Olasagasti Goñi, Michel et Jacqueline Cazenave, Lionel Cazenave, Guillaume Thieriot.

New Members :


Willo Martinez

Pauline Ravenne

Partners :

Our Great Patrons :

Sarah Grelier

Julie Labat

Mary et René Jean Garnier

Emmanuelle Dauboin

Maïté Bernard

Pauline Ravenne

To become a great patron, the donation(s) must reach a minimum of 500€  a year.