Audience comments


- Well done for the show,

a lot of poetry ... we had a great time...👌😘😘😘

# Hélène Goubert - 17/02/2020

- Great show!

I loved it, congratulations to all👏👏👏👏👏

# Vero Zen - 17/02/2020

- Bravo!

Bravo and thank you for this nice show and the performance of the actors. Tonight in Sauvagnon, it was just magic.

# Denis - 18/02/2020

-A succes!

A show as poetic and sensitive as funny and poignant. We go through all the facets of love. From tender love to cow love. A success!

# Cassandre Sau - 23/11/2019

- Love…

An intimate spectacle. Between laughter and tears this show tells us about love through all these facets.

The talent of the actors and the acrobats moves us and takes us on a very strong journey of introspection:

We meet both the author and a part of ourselves.

A must see !

#Janine Terhoff - 22/11/2019

- Bravo!

Bravo Ezec, Bravo to all of you, I had a great time thanks to this show full of life, meaning and poetry! Thank you!#Naiaflow 20/11/2019

- Emouvant & Drôle

Refreshing show, skillful blend of delicacy, tenderness, humor, poetry & ... love (s) !! Have a good trip to the Ezec Le Floc'h Company.

#Sylvie Saint Amont 19/11/2019

- Poésie,  contemplation,

tenderness, humor, inventiveness are the ingredients of this lovely show. It evokes love and these 1001 forms. We come out with the desire to love even stronger. Thank you to the troop for their generosity.

#Audrey Gauduchon - 15/11/2019

- Extra !

Atypical, whimsical and poetic show. The particularity of each artist makes this work an originality. Emotion and humor are there. Bravo to the staging.

#Laetitia di Bari - 15/11/2019

- Nice discovery

A must see !

#MQv64 - 9/11/2019

- Subtil et tellement vrai

Sacred technical performances with lots of emotions, sweetness, humor and shared love! Very nice show!

#Maite B64 - 7/11/2019

- Great dancer… and show. 🎶🎩🐦💃

#Colette Dechaume - 7/11/2019

- Bravo for this Wonderfull show

#Célinou Fabichou - 7/11/2019

- Coup de coeur

A breath of fresh air, intense, strong and sensitive moments combining humor and physical performance. Commitments of the artists and poetic beauty of the staging. To see absolutely

#Titine40 - 7/11/2019

-Poetry et love!

Thank you very much to all the artists for this magnificent show full of poetry and Loves💝. Long life🙏🙏 .

#ThierryB - 7/11/2019

- Magnifique!

A show full of emotions ... surprises, joy, love, anger, physical prowess, beauty, hope. A bit like life! Kudos to the director, Ezec le Floc'h and kudos to the acrobats & actors of this show.

#Minna Kadosha - 6/11/2019

- Nice jewel

Yes, this piece is truly a gem of poetry. Everything is delicately mixed. I loved ! Long Live Love !!!#fafi64 - 6/11/2019

- Moving…

Enchanting, moving live performance, a little humor. It was delicious.

#Lasad - 6/11/2013

- Show full of emotions

Very nice show with breathtaking artists, we go from laughter to tears. I highly recommend this show, which I will definitely see again.

#Oyann64 - 6/11/2019

- Very nice show

During the show, we do a real emotional lift. The daily scenes are translated with a lot of poetry, accuracy, finesse .... A must!

# txingili - 4/11/2019