Ezec Le Floc'h stages  Amour(s), in which « love » as a feeling, is invented over the course of encounters. Based on lived or fantasized events, it juggles with

complex relationships and feelings that bind, hurt and transcend us. A dancer, an acrobat, an actor and a juggler

appear on stage in timeless paintings, illustrating pieces of life. They explore love, this universal feeling, by their body language which, little by little, gives way to speech, singular for each one, by its personality and its linguistic expression.


Des moments de grâce, de partage. Le public reçoit une déclaration d’amour, une mariée préfère se tenir sur les mains, une balle se glisse entre deux corps sensuels, deux deviennent quatre… 

C’est un alignement de tableaux étranges et touchants…  Et drôles aussi...

Spectacle de cirque pour jongleur, équilibriste, comédien et danseur.

Durée: 1h15 version en salle – 30 minutes extérieur ou lieu non équipé (1 à 3 fois). 

Version jeune public 30-45’ à partir de 5 ans.

Credits : Delphine Pernaud, Benoit Martrenchar Carlos Portella et Emilie Geraud,

Staff : 

    Ezec Le Floc’h - production and direction

A graduate of the Chalons en Champagne circus arts school in 1994, he is the director of contemporary circus shows. In 1996, he created Cie Ezec Le Floc’h and his juggling solo “Bilboquets UN” with which he toured all over the world (more than 40 countries). Thanks to his company and the people who accompany him, he produces and distributes his own creations, fifteen pieces. He also participates in the staging of shows by other companies. He turned to the training of actors for improvisers and set up at the end of 2012 a multi-talented improvisation troupe on the general theme: "Ethics". Today, he follows a dozen diverse projects in the fields of circus as well as theater, dance and music. His creations are broadcast in theaters, festivals, street arts ...

    Jérémy Belhadj - actor

Actor & improviser for 10 years, he started out in a university team in Bordeaux with which he won the Rencontres d'Improvisation Nationales de Grenoble for two years in a row. He subsequently co-founded the first improvisation league in the Basque Country. Author and director of sketches awarded in humor festivals, he continues to train, notably in clowning by Ezec Le Floc’h, with whom he co-creates La Troupe Ethique.

    Anne Neumann - balancing act

Gymnast for 14 years, she joined the circus, which allowed her to develop her creativity. At 18, she played in "Die Etage Berlin" and trained at the École Supérieur des Arts du Cirque de Bruxelles. There, she invented the 'Roland' machine and created her own universe. Some events: Festival Hopla - Carte blanche with Hopscotch, Exit 17 in Schaerbeek, CRECE - Circ & o Avila and Price Madrid, Ex-Perimentation XXVI de l'Espace Catastrophe with Hopscotch.

    Joana Olasagasti - dancer

Contemporary and cabaret dancer, she trained in Barcelona at Anna Sanchez’s Varium school. She goes on with projects combining dance, theater, circus and performance. She then discovered inclusive dance (a dancing practice for everyone who could integrate disabled people). She speaks Basque, French, Spanish, Catalan and English. Her curiosity for people and different cultures makes her want to create multidisciplinary and intergenerational projects. She collaborates with Cies Malnascuts, Willi Dorner, Oriol Escurcell in Barcelona and Zarena Zarelako (Basque Country).

    Bastien Dugas – juggler

Made up of two arms and two legs, all joined by a body overhung by a head. This ensemble came to life when discovering juggling in its physical aspect. He got his start "in front of the public", mainly in the troop of the Imhotep circus school, then in the Eclair circus school for the stage play / clown part. Influenced by many great encounters during internships or juggling conventions: Steven Ragatz, Stephan Sing, Maksim Komaro, Gomi ... to name a few. Today: juggler and actor in the Entr’act Company, the Idéosphere Company. Also a teacher, supervising the students of the professional training of the circus of Bordeaux.

    And :

- Writers : Ezec Le Floc’h, Joana Olasagasti, Christelle Dubois, Jérémy Belhadj, Bastien Dugas.

- Dorothée Laurent – costumer;

- Jean-Pierre Legout – light directing;

- Emerick et Pierrick Hervé - Sceno-robotic;

- Raphaële Connesson : Love text.


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Great patrons : 

Sarah Grelier

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